Thursday, September 18, 2008

An important announcement

We interrupt your regular lazy-webbing to make this two important announcements:

A) AutotuA 0.0.1 released! Try it out and report bugs (if you can't follow the instructions in the link given, your services will be required when 0.0.2 is released :)

B) IMO, the two best distros in this world are:

  1. Foresight Linux
  2. Gentoo
    • The GNOME Team
    • Brent Baude (ranger): master-of-the-PPC-arch
    • Donnie Berkholz (dberkholz): X11, Council, and Desktop Team Emperor
    • Raúl Porcel (armin76): generic bitch; maintains half the arches and Firefox
    • Robin H. Johnson (robbat2): Infra demi-god
    • Zac Medico (zmedico): Portage demi-god
All these people are just too awesome (and too overworked) for words. If I hadn't got myself deep into Gentoo (which led to SoC too), I would've gone to Foresight :)

Who has high hopes for AutotuA, and also hopes the best of Foresight and conary can be brought to Gentoo.

PS: Donnie, congrats once again! ;)