Friday, April 27, 2007

Toe - New Sentimentality EP

Some of you have seen this video,

and if you haven't, you should.

Some of you will know that as soon as I saw it, I went gaga over the song and the band. I can say for a certainty that this song has changed my music taste forever. This and the webcomic Questionable Content :P

Now, after months of searching (actually, a month of giving up and not searching), I have finally found the album. Here it is, for your listening pleasure :)

Toe - New Sentimentality EP

  1. The song in the video, Goodbye ~

  2. Tsunagaru Haruka Achira ~

  3. 1_21 ~

  4. New Sentimentality ~

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The river Arun

Arun is a river in Nepal.

And thats all I know about it. And apparently so does wikipedia. Now, since I know as much as wikipedia on this topic, I will surely get at least a B in tomorrow's CE242 (Geosciences) exam.
I mean, if wikipedia can't get a B, I don't know who can. The wisdom of the crowds has to count for something... Right? Right?

<bonecrunchingdryness>Yeah, right.</bonecrunchingdryness>

Monday, April 23, 2007

The other sex.

I was reading panel 508 (SPOILER ALERT!) of "Questionable Content" and the last frame made me realize how utterly complicated girls can be. There was a time when I thought I had begun to understand them, but now I see the futility of any such attempt. You might be blessed by some initial moderate success that could swell your ego at having "Gone where no man has gone before and stayed straight", but thats before the inevitable crash and burn after which you rhythmically bang your head on a wall trying to figure out when the Universe stopped obeying the basic laws of Logic.

Also, you'll find that it takes up all of your CPU cycles to come up with a bad first order, valid for Δt → 0 approximation for what they mean. In O(nn) time.

I have spent hours trying to figure out what to do in situations involving the fairer sex and have always failed miserably. People have told me I don't know how to "be smooth", that I am tactless, that although I see subtle hints, I always misread them, and that I will probably never be in a relationship because of this :P

<in denial>What the heck, not like it really matters.</in denial>


Tweet, tweet. Tweet.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some changes.

I have thought on this for quite some time and have decided to expand the content I post here to include stuff which would usually go to my "other", anon blog. I've decided to turn that blog into a secondary field of activity, posting only my deepest thoughts there.
Poetry/prose/lit-freak-fodder will now come here instead of going there. Unless it matches the first filter. :P

Also, I wish to streamline the content on this blog. No posts like this one and this one, and more like this one and this one :P

PS: This might also mean much shorter titles in general :P

Monday, April 16, 2007

double-u-tee-eff-maite ~ Procrastination

Yes, that is the only reason I am writing this post. Seriously. Its not because my head is about to burst from 10 hours of Korn and RATM. Its not because I have two English Assignments to submit in 9 hours which I have no inclination to complete. It is not because I have lost interest in everything worth doing or not worth doing as well for that matter. I won't go into a detailed description of what all I have lost to lethargy and how. I think the following five points should suffice to press my case.

  • I have lost Rs ~50,000 in competition prize money this sem just because I was too lazy to get up and go for them.

  • I have lost too many friends this semester (and the last) because I was too lazy. Worse, I don't care.
    Even when I do.

  • I have successfully reduced my grades by one notch in all my subjects because I was too lazy to submit assignments/go for quizzes.

  • When was the last time I did my laundry?

  • I'm gonna end this post here.


So much to say, and so little inclination to do so :P

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Here comes a random post your way! If you don't have anything to say, type away to glory! Let the souls of a million proverbial monkeys fill you! Let creativity go to hell, let probability rule! I love ending sentences in exclamation marks!! Like this!! And this!!! And this!!!!
Okay, I should probably stop. Doing this ie! He He He.

You can have an entire conversation with these words, as I am willing to show anyone who is jobless enough to ask me.
Beware though, if I'm not so inclined as to suffer with you, I might put a chatbot on and go machao bhasad somewhere :P
"Machao Bhasad" is a holy term holier than the ten commandments. Though I believe the words "No Pissing here" on a yellow wall are holier than those most unworthy ten.
The Holy Words mean creating havoc. In basic words, which I dislike, and I would've started up on a long winded slightly humorous, mostly boring, gory description of the term if it weren't for the Open Music Concert for which I'm already late by 3 mins. So adios, ciao and good byeses.

Cya later!