Wednesday, February 7, 2007


My Exams are over!
A chance to slog harder till the next midsem has arrived!
Hooray for all masochists! =P

You see, I actually end up studying the least during midsems. I finished Quake 4 in two days. Yesterday and day before. I actually finished it and then went to write my TA201 exam in the morning today :x
Now that its over, all I can think about is going to class tomorrow and doing my lab report(s). *roll eyes*
Oh well. Doesn't matter when you study as long as you do study :)


Anonymous said...

hi am sam...u hav my blog link in ur i know u????

i used to know 1 sick pervert but that was a long time ago

i sorta think it might be u cause the
same words come out of my mind when i
read ur post an his...."dumb fuck"

{u can delete this if u wanna but u'll always remember i said it muha muha mu hahahhahaha }

Nirbheek said...

I wonder what your future girlfriend will say when I show this to her:P

Anonymous said...

well..its ur blog so ill let u hav the last laugh