Sunday, May 27, 2007

Emoticons ^_^

  • [00] (.)(.) - No points for guessing ;)
    Naresh will understand this one (^^)

  • :} - A cute little wide smile.
    Naresh introduced me to this, and its my second most fav. Used frequently by him as well

  • *_* - Smile till your eyes become tiny
    I have only seen Elina use this. And that too under rare circumstances

  • :) - Smile :)
    Immortal. Used frequently by Arun

  • :'D - Laughing till you cry
    Hilarity! Utkarsh uses this when he's ROTFLMAOing

  • :P - Tonguey
    Always applicable :P. Used by me, Utkarsh, Praneeth, SidPrak, Elina, Naresh etc at random :P

  • :D - Laugh
    Misused by Praneeth to the point where I have started hating it.

  • :| - :|
    Probably Chintal's favourite emoticon, he uses it ~88% of his conversations. :}

  • =;=;
    A complete mystery to me.* Used by SidPrak to end every conversation. Which is followed by a ":P" by me :}

  • A lot of people don't have any characteristic smileys. And some never use any at all. But almost everyone has used ":)" sometime or the other...

* Its supposed to mean something in Yahoo, but since i don't use it, I'm not sure what :P

1 comment:

Johnny Tent said...

I didn't get the first one. Elaborate.

I like the Utkarsh waala :'D

:D - Praneeth says it does not stand for laughter anymore, more like a full stop.

I invented a new one- :'| this says you've bored me to tears.