Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Gutsy update for Beagle ;)

I've recently started to help the beagle people a little with the testing of the Ubuntu Gutsy branch. Over a period of time, things had started going wrong, and beagle had gotten hit with the much-feared ftbfs bug(fail to build from source). That's when the beagle team went into hyper mode, when I joined in to help, and when after loads of work from the devs and some ubuntu-dev-nudging from kkubasik, the branch is now back in order! We'll be trying to break upstream version freeze for beagle since the current beagle in the repositories is simply broken...

kkubasik has made updated debs for gutsy on his PPA, you can use them by adding the following repositories:

deb gutsy main

deb-src gutsy main

Do remember to remove them when beagle gets updated in Gutsy! (Keep an eye on this blog for when to do so :)

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