Monday, October 29, 2007


An amazing Antaragni just got over, and the semester-end is just around the corner. This kind of thing usually brings about two mixed feelings - the tension associated with the End-Semester exams, and the holidays that follow the aforementioned ordeal.

How would I rate this semester? If you asked me to describe that in one word, I would quote Zero Punctuation and "tell you to stop being such a twap", but if pressed (and I'm plagiarising off of him again), I think I'd go with "Schizophrenic" "Inconsistent".

The semester started off with me boistering with confidence that I wouldn't screw my acads this time again, but I ended up doing that anyway, and in some ways, worse than I had ever done before. However, unlike the previous times I had done so, this semester wasn't fraught with guilt or sadness for me, and on the contrary, this could've been said to be my best semester yet if I hadn't kicked college education in the nuts again. And this is why my first semester remains to be my best semester here yet.

"What could possibly alleviate sucky acads?" you ask? Well, I can tell you it has nothing to do with "love", so you can take that thought out of your mind and stuff it in a sticky petri dish in a dumpy lab in Indonesia for further perusal on students who have a ratio of girls higher than 1:50 in their college.


Now that we have that clear, lets see what made me happy this semester. To be frank, I don't really remember, and my memory of most things before my trip home is incoherent to say the least. One plausible theory is that I reset my memory to forget the unpleasant things that happened to me before my vacation, and now that I dig deeper in my head, I feel bubbles of despair bubbling up again.
Hush. Lest the bubbles grow.

Lets look at what all I can remember without disturbing those friendly-bubbles (yes, they are friendly, even if not in the short term).

Good news:

Laziness news:

  • I've been too lazy to work on the article for Gnome Journal even though I've promised the editors at least one article for the next issue :(

  • After making strides with Necoro on #gentoo-guis on Catapult, I sorta drifted off for a while (thanks to my vacation and Antaragni), and I haven't really thought about the project, not looked at the code, and not even contacted Necoro...

  • I had said that I would be working on a Gentoo backend for PackageKit, but I haven't done monkey balls in that direction :|

  • Slacked off testing/helping out in the stabilisation of the now ~arch GNOME 2.20 in gentoo..

And I'm too tired/sleepy this evening to catch up on these right now. And the cold I have isn't helping either :-/

Monstrously hungry as well; time for dinner.

Maybe tomorrow will be more conducive to fix my acads and my laziness (It'd better be. English assignment due on Wednesday).


Anonymous said...


love it.
Good job coming up with that word... For everything else, boo.
boo boo boo.

Nirbheek said...

Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I plagiarised that word from Zero Punctuation as well :D

You really should watch his game reviews, they are the most fun thing out there right now.

Johnny Tent said...

Melancholy first line man. To do list:

1) Beat the hell out of NG people.
2) Study
3) Blog, now that end sems are near.

You've failed 440. Try doing the creative rewrite though. It might be entertaining.

Nirbheek said...

Man, the creative rewrite is art+5000 words and is due in 15 hours. I overslept by 9 hours.
I've so totally failed 440 :(