Saturday, April 7, 2007


Here comes a random post your way! If you don't have anything to say, type away to glory! Let the souls of a million proverbial monkeys fill you! Let creativity go to hell, let probability rule! I love ending sentences in exclamation marks!! Like this!! And this!!! And this!!!!
Okay, I should probably stop. Doing this ie! He He He.

You can have an entire conversation with these words, as I am willing to show anyone who is jobless enough to ask me.
Beware though, if I'm not so inclined as to suffer with you, I might put a chatbot on and go machao bhasad somewhere :P
"Machao Bhasad" is a holy term holier than the ten commandments. Though I believe the words "No Pissing here" on a yellow wall are holier than those most unworthy ten.
The Holy Words mean creating havoc. In basic words, which I dislike, and I would've started up on a long winded slightly humorous, mostly boring, gory description of the term if it weren't for the Open Music Concert for which I'm already late by 3 mins. So adios, ciao and good byeses.

Cya later!


Johnny Tent said...

1) This post is the work of a fucking genius.
2) Change my blog name to what it is now.
3) Bheek the crap shack is here.

Nirbheek said...

1) Arigato! ^_^
2) Aye aye sir :P
3) Indeed. Fear The Bheek.