Monday, April 16, 2007

double-u-tee-eff-maite ~ Procrastination

Yes, that is the only reason I am writing this post. Seriously. Its not because my head is about to burst from 10 hours of Korn and RATM. Its not because I have two English Assignments to submit in 9 hours which I have no inclination to complete. It is not because I have lost interest in everything worth doing or not worth doing as well for that matter. I won't go into a detailed description of what all I have lost to lethargy and how. I think the following five points should suffice to press my case.

  • I have lost Rs ~50,000 in competition prize money this sem just because I was too lazy to get up and go for them.

  • I have lost too many friends this semester (and the last) because I was too lazy. Worse, I don't care.
    Even when I do.

  • I have successfully reduced my grades by one notch in all my subjects because I was too lazy to submit assignments/go for quizzes.

  • When was the last time I did my laundry?

  • I'm gonna end this post here.


Tongue-fu Lady said...

then how cum u maintain such a blog?!?!
didnt ur "lethargy" take it ovr?:P
wat do u xpect d readers 2 say??

Nirbheek said...

I'd say this blog is in a state of neglect. If I "maintained" it, there would be at least one post every two days. I have enough to say. For that freq.

Why mention it? Because I am not an infinite well. Things overflow.

What do I expect my readers to say? Just the usual -- useless stuff.

Tongue-fu Lady said...