Sunday, May 27, 2007

Damien Rice..

His songs are beautiful beyond belief; beaten only by the immortal Coldplay. They make me want to curl up and smile :)

9 Crimes, my favourite song and video by him.



I haven't embedded them because flash really slows things down, and my blog is already slow as it is.


Johnny Tent said...

You know, I seem to be the only person jobless enough to read your blog.

Ways to increase readership:
1) Write about porn.
2) Give links to porn sites (the links section, see?)
3) Mention ways of securing banned porn sites.
4) Write about porn a bit more.


- Another output of an afternoon filled with radio waves of horrid bandwidth. We need more gruesomeness in our lives.

Johnny Tent said...

securing? wtf, i meant browsing/opening. phorgive the bhad eenglees.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about this blog of yours!!

And NO porn please.

*_* (*TM)

*TM registered by Elina

Nirbheek said...

@ Johnny
Crap! I forgot you commented! I must've been half asleep when I archived your comment notification mail :|

Porn, the only thing that can be monotonous and yet highly interesting. Whoever invented porn was a genius :)

@ Elina
Great! And while you're at it, forget my email id and last name too! Oh wait, gmail helps you remember that. Well, looks like you'll have to find something else to forget then.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

guess this is turning out 2 b another dead blog of urs..