Sunday, May 13, 2007


And thats how today's morning started. I hadn't slept last night, unlike last night (or was I merely thinking so?), things were going wrong. Sadistically wrong. My best efforts couldn't stop me from making blunders or being subject to them. It was hot, it still is, I was missing something, but I couldn't say what. I felt as though something was wrong; was this a dream?
Then I came across this page. Momentary delight, I was floating. "Surreal", "Leaf", "Interpretive" was what I chose, and it led me to a sight worth beholding. A rush of colour and emotion, I was overwhelmed. And right before that, it said unto me, "Hello surreal leaf, you are who you are (thank you for being here)".
But things are now as they were... If only they would emulate a time further back.

I long for the time when, I long for the time when;
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness releases me.

EDIT: Come to think of it, the webpage actually made me feel worse... No points for guessing why :)


Johnny Tent said...

I chose Nostalgic, mountain, and with passion...
Oh I liked this site so much man!
Bless these photographers. The only weird thing was that it said "for people in love". That was rude.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

I chose stargazing,bird and with passion...alas nothing came beyond that except the depressing message "for people in love"..baah!!

Nirbheek said...

You have to click on "Experientiary Gallery" to see the photo(s) :P
They're selected according to what your answers were.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

i did click conection was too slw 2 open it..