Saturday, May 26, 2007


I concede. Opera is better than Firefox in many ways, though I still prefer Firefox :P
One of these is the way non-ascii URIs are handled in the location bar. Goto - You location bar will look something like this:

Lets look at how Opera renders it.

Better innit? Lets look at the Japanese wikipedia...


Much better.

This said, both display the actual article in the exact same way, and the problem is probably linked to bug #150376 in Mozilla Firefox. Not assigned to anyone, but it'll probably be fixed soon.


Johnny Tent said...

Shut up for God's sake. Although this one was more understandable than the others.
Quoting Soham: "You're a fruit, man."

Nirbheek said...

Jobless fatass. You have time to post on my blog at 5 in the morning but you can't come to my room after you swore you will for the third time :X

Nirbheek said...

And why aren't you online?

Neo said...

Finally bheek revels in the truth :P

Well i actually liked opera not for this reason(good reason btw) but because of its quicker startup and the embedded search in the address bar and the widgets as well....
But i too use firefox just can't leave it :(