Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fancy icons and a launchpad branch

"Fancy" new icon for the Beagle Webinterface! ;)

Okay, yeah, I know I just added a blue "W" to the original logo :P

This is the "flag-logo" of the launchpad team and bzr branch that I created after dBera suggested it. It contains experimental being-worked-on[1] code that might not be suitable for svn trunk. Besides that, it gives me more freedom to experiment and get feedback from people, since my patches don't have to go through dBera to the beagle svn trunk and trouble him each time I try something new :)

Also, Here's a treat for all those who read my blog - Pink by Aerosmith:

1. Midsems coming, which will be followed by a midsem break. So there will be a period of low activity followed by a mega-commit when I get back from home.


Johnny Tent said...

Now you've definitely scared away the only reader of this blog, i.e., me.

Can you try and write something that will actually interest people, and not inform them. Admit it, this is news condensed, nothing more.

Nirbheek said...

But, but, but, I gave you Aerosmith's Pink to listen to! :(