Monday, January 21, 2008

TesseracT and the Techkriti T-Shirt

Well, it got over a few days back, and now I can relax... Oh crap, exams this week >_<

Anyway, here's a limerick, and if you can solve it (and you weren't playing TesseracT), you're allowed to.. bah.

A firefox extension, a fountain of memes,
the abode of randomness, and pervy dreams.
'twas hacked, and a movie made,
people were banned, and anons hailed.
Copies exist, but the original's the same,
all that's posted is completely insane!

On a somewhat-related note, people from my college are going insane on a google doc, frantically brainstorming on quotes for the Techkriti T-Shirt =)

Some samples (mostly original):

"They googled geek... and found me."

Front: "Resistance is futile."
Back: "(when < 1 Ohm)"

(all bloody and gory) "We fragged the punchline"

"In case of Big Crunch, follow me"

"I have a fractional Erdos number. And I don't know what that means."

Two T-Shirts:
1. Front: "Theoretician," Back: "Warning: Experiments may fail with me around."
2. Front: "Experimentalist," Back: "Warning: Proofs may develop fallacies with me around."

"Made entirely from recycled atoms"

"Don't be a Carnot Follower, believe in 100% efficiency"

"Watt is the unit of power?"

"Rome was created in 7 days; We create tomorrow in 4" (Techkriti goes on for 4 days)

"Absolute zero is cool"

"Heisenberg: Schrödinger's Cat is Dead. No, wait. Schrödinger's Cat is Not Dead. No, wait..."

"Art is 'I'; science is 'we'"

"I am all that is left of a witty quote."


"A Physicist is someone who averages the first 3 terms of a divergent series"

"This quote was generated by a program"

And, towards the end, a meta quote/haiku ;)

Hundreds of quotes,
On a google doc,
The haiku made it. ~Nirbheek

And then more quotes :P

"Heisenberg rules - probably"

"Haven't Lost My Mind; It's Backed Up on a Disk Somewhere"

However, it's been hours, and they still haven't decided on a final yet. I guess that's relegated to the next blog post then ;)


Anonymous said...

Front: "Resistance is futile."
Back: "(when < 1 Ohm)

The funniest one.

Johnny Tent said...

I'm no good at it.

Best I can suggest is to go Open Source. Gift a felt-tip pen.

"Insert Quote Here ________________"

Unknown said...

"we probably don't need to tell u this but we are used to being the centre of attraction"

had dis for my school's tech-fest dis year