Tuesday, April 15, 2008

portage/pkgcore rhyme

Please don't kill me for the bad rhyming :)

I sit down to emerge -av
It churns through the dependencies
I get frustrated in 2 minutes
pmerge -a is what was amiss

I alias `emerge` to spit out a warning
that a crappy PM is what I'm invoking
Now I'll remember to always use;
pmerge so my time's not abused!

Comments on the crappiness of these lines are welcome.
More such rhymes revolving around Gentoo are even more welcome ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes, but does it support EAPI 1?

Nirbheek said...

If that was a version of the "Yes, but does it run Linux" /. joke, it was a really poor one :P

ElseIf it was a sincere question about pkgcore's capabilities, then the answer is "Waay before portage supported it."

Else you'll have to provide me with more information :P

Anonymous said...

It was a troll regarding pkgcore's spectacular failure to implement EAPI 1 correctly, something that even the simplest of unit tests for changed functionality would have caught.

Nirbheek said...

Zomg. I paste my blog's url in one gentoo channel and I start getting troll comments.

This shall entail a blog post called "Gentoo's package manglers are a religion" or similar.

Anonymous said...

Your very claim that you're using pkgcore is clearly the troll here. It's well known that pkgcore has no actual users, since if it did at least some of the more spectacularly failtastic bugs would have been caught by now.

Nirbheek said...

I shall not feed the troll.

Oh noes! I just did!

/me goes into a corner and weeps.

Anonymous said...

spb, you're not good at trolling. Let people with talent do it ...

Anonymous said...

spb is a bad diagnosis